Administrative Committee

  • Partner recruitment and retention – ensuring diversity
  • Establish partnerships with other violence prevention efforts
  • Develop amarketing approach and brand for the Peace Hub
  • Create a website to provide general information
  • Develop and communicate a calendar of Peace Hub partner activities
  • Position Peace Hub and violence prevention work for long-term sustainability

Professional Development Committee

  • Assess professional needs of Peace Hub partners to build their capacities as youth service providers
  • Identify and coordinate relevant training
  • Facilitate cross-organization trainings, when applicable
  • Implement skills development sessions with external entities
  • Coordinate training on various topics, including data analysis, marketing, quality programming, trauma informed approaches, and other areas of need/interest

Data/Systems Integration Committee

  • Develop and refine the vision direction, and plans of the Peace Hub integrated information system
  • Review partner agency systems – strengths, integration capacity, and direction
  • Develop and refine data requirements
  • Develop and refine case management core
  • Develop and refine data integration options and plans
  • Develop and refine data warehousing options and plans



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