The Peace Hub Theory of Change

Our Vision

By the year 2020, through the coordination of individualized support services, Chicago will have developed a national model for youth service provision and will be considered one of the most desirable urban cities in the country for youth and young adults to live and grow up.


Our Theory

By driving the creation of a formal network of community based and municipal youth service providers and advocates and building a comprehensive web-enabled infrastructure for the access, coordination, management, tracking, development and evaluation of programs, services, and resources that serve youth 12-24 years old, the Chicago Peace Hub aims to streamline youth access to critical social services and extra-curricular opportunities; to improve the mechanism for tracking and coordinating services across agencies, systems, and geographic regions; and ultimately, to improve quality of life and public safety measures for youth in our communities.


Chicago Resource Hub will be ending support on December 3, 2019. If you like this tool and would like it to continue, please contact the site author John Coleman. Contact information can be found in the Link. More information on why we are losing support can be found here: Notice: Google Fusion Tables Turn Down ( )Contact the Site Author