About Us

The Chicago Peace Hub, established in 2010, is a violence prevention initiative whose goals are to increase engagement of Chicago’s youth ages 12-24 in programs and services, enhance communication and partnership among local service providers, and to leverage underutilized services.

Through systems integration of county, city and local resources, the Peace Hub will create a coordinated network infrastructure which allows service providers to access, share and weave resources together to address each youth’s individual needs and circumstances.

Our Focus

The Peace Hub seeks to reduce exposure to or participation in violence, address trauma and improve positive outcomes for youth by facilitating easy access to programs and services and by fostering consistent continuum of care through case management systems.

Research indicates that it is critical to intervene with youth at this age because the potential to turn around inappropriate, delinquent, violent and/or aggressive behaviors is far likelier than it would be later in life, when youth are too deep into the criminal system, gang structures, and/or other negative influences.