• A formal, city/county-wide, coordinated body of youth service providers, youth advocacy organizations, local government agencies, and other vested stakeholders.
  • Pilot effort of an innovative, seamless, and comprehensive online client and outcomes tracking system that can be integrated into a larger public safety dashboard.
  • Outcomes that relate to the violence and trauma experienced and perpetrated by youth.
  • Reporting on outcomes about youth who are either at risk or disconnected from education institutions.
  • Inclusion of smaller local non-profits to discuss the specific needs of youth.
  • Support for professional development, specifically around the areas of trauma informed care and program qua
    lity assessment.
  • Increased knowledge and access to youth service offerings by youth, families, and those working with youth.
  • Ground work for the development of a continuum of support that can stay with a young person across programs and agencies through young adulthood.
  • An opportunity to harness the collective offerings of schools, city agencies, community-based organizations, the juvenile justice system, the faith community, and the private sector in the service of positive youth outcomes

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