Partner Benefits

The Peace Hub supports partner organizations in their quest to provide quality services and programs for vulnerable populations.  As a member of the Peace Hub, partners will be presented with the following opportunities:

  • Sharing of best practices
  • Increased agency visibility and credibility
  • Explore collaborative contracts
  • Structured and positive collaboration
  • Connecting violence prevention efforts
  • Connecting youth across the city and showcasing their success
  • Online client tracking  and case management system
  • Ability to track clients’ history of services
  • Integration of trauma informed services
  • Ability to evaluate and compare program quality and effectiveness using common measures in online tracking system
  • Staff development opportunities
  • Organizational and capacity building
  • Coordinated advocacy for youth programming at city and state level
  • Increased sustainability of youth programs
  • Collective voice of advocacy with buy in for youth
  • Raising influence and connections of youth service providers
  • Potential to generate revenue
  • Strengthening the voice of non-profits