Partner Benefits

The Peace Hub supports partner organizations in their quest to provide quality services and programs for vulnerable populations.  As a member of the Peace Hub, partners will be presented with the following opportunities:

  • Sharing of best practices
  • Increased agency visibility and credibility
  • Explore collaborative contracts
  • Structured and positive collaboration
  • Connecting violence prevention efforts
  • Connecting youth across the city and showcasing their success
  • Online client tracking  and case management system
  • Ability to track clients’ history of services
  • Integration of trauma informed services
  • Ability to evaluate and compare program quality and effectiveness using common measures in online tracking system
  • Staff development opportunities
  • Organizational and capacity building
  • Coordinated advocacy for youth programming at city and state level
  • Increased sustainability of youth programs
  • Collective voice of advocacy with buy in for youth
  • Raising influence and connections of youth service providers
  • Potential to generate revenue
  • Strengthening the voice of non-profits

Chicago Resource Hub will be ending support on December 3, 2019. If you like this tool and would like it to continue, please contact the site author John Coleman. Contact information can be found in the Link. More information on why we are losing support can be found here: Notice: Google Fusion Tables Turn Down ( )Contact the Site Author